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Was lucky enough to attend two Jason Crandell Yoga workshops in The Yoga Hub earlier this year. Loved his style of humour mixed with attention to detail and clear, precise instruction. He was also very kind and relatable in person.

I believe in the importance of using humour as a tool for improving memory when learning how to figure out a new pose or free yourself up in a pose that’s been frustrating you for years. Imagine where your body is in space. Ask yourself where do you feel tightness and why? Breathe, relax, smile. Studies prove that emotion helps to retain memory, so it makes sense that if you can make your students laugh, they’ll be more likely to remember an instruction for better alignment and improve their practice.

Any emotion can help seal the memory. So you could also make them cry. Or shake in terror. The end justifies the means. Just kidding…

For the full interview with Jason Crandell by Kathryn Budig, see

Bakasana Sequence from Jason Crandell:


Image courtesy of http://www.jasonyoga.com


44 Statements before Breakfast

If you have 4 year old housemates, you’ll totally get this 😉

Kettle on the Range

My four-year-old daughter greets the day

I’m still asleep

I want to stay in my dream Mammy!!

He’s jumping on me!

My brother is jumping on my head and hurting me!

I won’t walk to the bathroom, someone will have to carry me

I’m going to lie on the floor until you bring me I’m going to cry now because I’m TIRED and I’m SAD

I’m thinking about why the steam from the shower sticks on the tiles but not the wall

I know the water comes from rain, I’m asking you how does it get into the taps

I need us to make a list of the things we will do today

I would like to open the curtains

I think it will be a beautiful day today.

Goodbye, nighttime stars and bats!

Hello, morning birds and sheep and cows and hills!

He’s closing the curtains!!

Make him stop…

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