How to be present…

What an amazing week!

This summer we (as a travelling family unit in the car) listened to Brené Brown speak about Wholehearted living and how one of the keys to wholehearted living is to Play. Some of her advice sunk in, as last weekend I was lucky enough to attend Rainbow Kid’s Yoga Teacher Training course in London, run by the amazingly talented and professional machine that is Cayetana and her oversized suitcase of surprises! A powerhouse of fun, I learnt so much from her, and laughed non-stop. After three full days playing and seeing the world through the eyes of a kid (or 37 big kids squeezed into a tiny space, as one attendee noted during the first close up and very personal cobra to downdog “oh yeah, this IS happening”), I feel fantastic. I (think I) look younger, feel calmer and am able to switch on and just be present in the moment of whatever it is I am doing. So the secret to Happy Life? Show up, be present, and PLAY!

The world said goodbye to a very mischievous lady this week, so in honour of her gift for making us laugh here’s a link to one of her recent interviews.

Keep inspiring yourself and you will inspire others, or as another yogi ( puts it: “Bee in your stuff!”

…How amazing is Stand Up PaddleBoarding?! We went to Aboveboard in Dun Laoghaire this week and had a great time. The directions for how to stay afloat were like advice for Life! Some gems include:

“To keep your balance stay present, stay focused, tune in to the energy (of the waves), connect with the energy (of the water), plant your feet firmly (on your board), stand tall, don’t stop, keep moving, focus only on where you want to go, don’t look back.”

“And if you do lose your balance and fall off it’s ok, the water will hold you up, your life-jacket will help you float and someone will teach you how to get back on track, then you will learn how to rescue someone else.”

The key to staying on the board was to be present and play, as soon as I started to worry or go against the flow of energy from the water, then it started to get wobbly…especially when passing a Seal eating his lunch, which reminded me of Buster from Arrested Development! If you don’t get that reference I recommend getting the series.

The other life-skill I learnt from playing at Rainbow Kids Yoga (while the kids were at home with Dad!) which achieves instant happiness: Keep connecting with yourself and with those you love. Not sure how? With yourself, play/art/yoga works for me…connect to your gut, your instinct, literally your tummy. To the person you feel disconnected from: Just look at each other, hold each others gaze until it softens, you don’t have to say much, and you’ll be amazed at the power of your love. With kids, get down to their eye level, look at them face to face (finish with a tickle!). Keep connecting to be present with yourself and with others.

I’m 17 years this week learning how to live, and how to be happy. Am so grateful to have loving people around me, blessed with children laughing in my house, supported by good friends, family, and wonderful babysitters!! And an amazing partner. Happy Birthday.

“Learn from yesterday, Live for today, Hope for Tomorrow.”
“Today is a Gift, that’s why it’s called the present”

See you next month, happy mindful blogging 😉

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