Up the walls? Relax and unwind…without wine!

Feeling tired, stressed or run-down?

Release tension with Viparita Karani: Legs up the wall pose.

Viparita Karani

This pose is great for anyone who needs to strengthen their Immune System, manage stress or depression, new parents, and the sleep-deprived. Children love to do this pose, get them to try it on their bed before lights out, or on the sofa for quiet time during the day.

Put your favourite chill-out playlist on, soothing eye-mask, soft lighting…get creative with your environment to make it soft and warm and inviting before you come to lie down!

Sit with your left hip on the skirting board, knees bent up. Roll onto your back, with your bum on the wall as you swing your legs up. If your buttocks don’t quite touch the wall, lift your hips by pressing with your feet, slide closer, and lower your hips.

Still not there?
Using your elbows, “gracefully” shimmy forward until you feel your bum is on the skirting board! Feeling fun and relaxing already….

Pregnant Yogis: No bolster under your sacrum, do put a cushion under your head if you prefer to be propped up. This pose is great for relieving swollen ankles, while relaxing is good for lowering blood pressure. Inversions boost your immune system, but may not be recommended nor feel comfortable during pregnancy. This pose is perfect for taking the weight off your feet during any stage of your pregnancy, and safe for any stage of your reproductive cycle.

Rest your arms by your sides, moving your legs leisurely through the sequence:

Wide Leg Viparita Karani:
Inhale contract your outer thighs to take the legs apart
Exhale contract your inner thighs to close legs together
Allow your breath to move your body; inhale legs open, exhale they close. Repeat for as many rounds of breath as you like.
Finish with legs together.


Bridge up the wall:
Roll your pelvis backwards, feel your lower back flat on the mat.
Inhale & lift your hips up, soles of your feet press into the wall, palms press into the floor.
Exhale to release your spine down to the ground, moving slowly, lower one vertebra at a time, keep your tail tucked under.

Pregnant Yogis: only lift as high as you feel is normal for your stage of pregnancy.
Use your intuition to guide you in and out of the movements. So, breathing into your tummy, into your gut, let your instinct move your body as is right for you and your baby.

Supta Baddha Konasana:
Slide your heels down the wall towards your hips, soles of the feet together.
Release your arms by your sides, eyes closed, counting your breaths back from 20 to 0.

Inhale into any parts of your body that feel tense, exhale allowing the tension to melt away.

reclining bound angle pose up wall

Pregnant Yogis:
This one is lovely with a bolster under your back and your head propped up, as in the image below. It’s really good for heartburn, pelvic girdle pain and in the final few weeks when lying down flat makes you feel like you’re lying in the shadow of a mountain instead of a baby bump!

Supta Baddha Konasana Pregnancy

Enjoy 😉

Images courtesy of http://www.yogajournal.com

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