A fresh look at Italy

Need a holiday in Italy? Learning Escapes will hook you up!

Learning Escapes

‘It has to be food.’ This was my very first thought when I saw the theme of this week’s photo challenge:  Fresh. And indeed, fresco is an attribute to food us Italians are kind of obsessed with.

Ma e’ fresco?‘ is a sentence I find myself often using in restaurants and if a waiter wants to reassure me that whatever I order is good, fresco or even freschissmo is the word he’d be looking for. To the risk of sounding like an Italian textbook, this is an actual exchange I had in a restaurant in Sicily:

Io: ‘I cannoli sono buoni, si’? (never trust a menu, always ask for advice!)

Cameriere: ‘ Si si, la ricotta e’ freschissima’

And indeed, the ricotta was freschissima and i cannoli delicious!

But then, after trying to take  pictures of tomatoes, mozzarella, piante di basilico and of anything that could portray the…

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