Hi, my name is Ruthe Burke, I am a Hatha Yoga Teacher, Artist and Playworker. And in my spare time I’m a Mam of 2 gorgeous children! I started practicing yoga 17 years ago and Pilates 11 years ago. Since 2011 I’ve been teaching yoga, achieving a Yoga 500 hours diploma with Yoga Therapy Ireland from 2011-2013. I hope to complete my Pilates Teacher Training this year, as well as Pregnancy Yoga Training with YTI.

As a firm fan and follower of Louise Hay, I believe, as she does, that we create our future by choices we make on an ongoing basis. Expressing our thoughts turns our ideas into reality. Hence, every thought we think and every word we speak has far reaching consequences. That belief should make life very easy, right?! However sometimes life hands you lemons, and (tequilla shots aside) it’s during these times that I’ve found Yoga to be the best support of all. That is why I practice Yoga and it’s why I love to teach it. I want to share this amazing technique for feeling calm, alert and strong in body and mind with as many people as possible.

At the moment, I teach Corporate Yoga on Monday in AIB Private Banking, Ballsbridge; Yoga for Beginner’s on Saturday at The Samadhi Centre, Rathgar; and Yoga for Beginner’s on Tuesday at Hanna’s ShapeUp Fitness Club, Rathfarnham.

Yoga classes I like in Dublin include Angie’s Fitness Yoga at Fitforlife, Dublin Yoga Studios, the Yoga Hub, and my favourite Yoga Tutor – a beautiful Teacher, amazing practitioner and founder member of YTI; Elma Toland’s Hatha Yoga classes at the Healthy Way, Leixlip. If you can’t always get to a class, there’s a wealth of information and classes online, my favourite source is www.yogajournal.com.

So if you want to feel good about yourself, and happy about your life, do Yoga!

Just do it. Even if all you do is roll out the mat and lie on it for 10 minutes, that’s actually a Yoga Pose called Savasana, so hey look at you doing Yoga 😉

Om Shanti Peace,



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