Baby got back…Part 2


Looking for exercises to strengthen your glutes? Ever heard of Yoga & Pilates?!

Here are the best poses:

Bridge1. Bridge Pose

Try it holding a cushion or foam brick between your knees, draw your inner thighs towards each other. Keep you pelvis tilting backwards, engage your lower tummy, and fire up your glutes.

To come down, exhale, roll your pelvis backwards and lower the spine down one vertebra at a time. Then, hug your knees into your chest and rock from side to side, releasing out your lower back.


2. Superman Couldn’t help the image, sorry, I literally have a four year old on my back as I type this and it’s keeping him entertained!

side_bridge_abd3. Side Lying Abduction

Plank Power

4. Plank Power!

Check out this Side Plank Yoga sequence by Kathryn Budig

5. Somatics Gluteal Release

Lie on your front, rest your forehead on your hands. Feel that your legs are straight, inner knees touch. Bend your right knee, sole of the foot faces straight up to the ceiling. Inhale and lift your foot straight upwards, keep your tummy completely relaxed. FEEL how your Glutes tighten to make this movement happen, only go as far as is comfortable.

Now add a second stage: Push down with your hands and lift your upper body up at the same time as you lift your leg up. Inhale as you lift, exhale as you lower back down. Feel how you contract your upper back muscles as you lift up. Feel how you completely relax and release each time you come back down.

Straighten the right leg back on the floor, take a moment to breathe and release.

Inhale and repeat the movement this time with the right leg straight, again firing the flutes to raise the leg up, extending through the hip.

Rest and release.

Open the legs as wide as is comfortable. Switch on the Glutes again, raise the right leg up. Stabilise the pelvis by engaging the lower tummy, feel the tummy drawing up away from the floor. Return the right leg to the floor. Take a few breaths to fully release.

Repeat on the Left leg.

6. Why do we need our Hip Abductors anyway?

This article explains why it’s important to strengthen your hip abductors and how weak glutes can affect your gait and balance:


7. Nitty Gritty: Best exercises to strengthen the

Glute Medius:                                           Glute Maximus:

  • Side Plank                                           Single Leg Deadlift
  • Unilateral Bridge                               Single Leg Squat
  • Lateral Step Up                                 Front Plank with Hip Extension
  • Superman                                           Superman
  • Side lying Hip Abduction

– See more at:

Remember, your hips love to dance, so shake it, sway it, feel it, MOVE it!

Enjoy 😉


I like big butts and I cannot lie…

Ladies! (and gentlemen who sit a lot) The key to a strong pelvic floor, is not Kegels! Ever been told by your physio that you have hypertone in your pelvis, yet when you sneeze you pee? (Nevermind going for a run or trying a jumping jack?!) Overly tight muscle is WEAK muscle.

To avoid a future filled with adult nappies, relax your pelvic floor, give it some length, and fire up your glutes!

The best thing about strong glutes, not only will they support your Pelvic Floor, they also protect your SI Joints and Lower Back.From office yogis to postnatal mums, the key to longterm pelvic floor health is not your chair, it’s your Chair Pose Squat! Try this today, every time the phone rings, settle back into your chair pose for a good long chat.Esther Ekhart shows how:

Got low back pain? Get a better squat. The right squat will see your overactive thighs turned off while you switch on your glutes. Here’s how: sit back into your squat, feet hip distance apart, outer feet edges in parallel, knees over heels, send those shins BACK! You need your knees over your heels to activate the correct muscles to support your back and Pelvic Floor.

Prepare for your squat with Katy Bowman’s Double Calf Stretch: Double calf stretch

For how to do squats safely, or if you have a gym ball in your office, see Physio Michelle Henway’s guide to squats, though I would put emphasis on the glutes, rather than the thighs. Anyone care to comment?

So, you’re on the phone, you’ve remembered to smile, align your feet, breathe out annnnd…lower down into it. Smile and squat. Your butt needs to be out behind you, not tucked underneath. Feels easy? Sit lower, and lower and lower…enjoy!


Not saying background music helps to hold a squat but:


Follow your squat with this easy hip-releasing stretch:

Maybe KatyB & Sir Mix A Lot could make a remix, that would be heaven!

Love your body (even the pee-sneeze parts). Love squats 😉