Am I resisting this moment? Or am I allowing it to be?

Like this blog from Salty Running, because the same applies in your yoga practice! When you’ve corrected your alignment in a given pose, yet feel that you are still resisting, breathe out. Turn your attention to your breath. Lengthen the exhalation, releasing control as you exhale, give in to the pose, allow it to just be. Honour your body where it is at today; not yesterday, 5 days or years ago. Honour the body that you are working with now, on the mat, in this present moment. Breathe in, feeling gratitude for the ease with which you can take a full unrestricted breath, then breathe out and come out of the pose.

MindMedicine Blog

When you are resisting the present moment (moaning, complaining, feelings of negativity, resisting situations, resisting life) you are not only holding yourself back, but you are opposing the natural flow of life. As Bruce Lee said ‘‘be like water’’, don’t fight or resist anything, flow with life. The more you moan and complain that life or the present moment should be anything different than it is, the more you hold yourself right back. The more you flow with life and allow it to be, the more you open up, and become aware of, the infinite possibilities that are available in each and every moment.

As you think, as you breath, as you walk, ask yourself; ‘‘am I resisting this moment? Or am I allowing it to be?’’

If you are allowing, then enjoy it, milk it, and exaggerate it. Enjoy the feelings of inner peace and inner freedom…

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